Summary of Business and services


Here at Southern Cross 4wd Safaris our aim is to provide you with the best possible experience on each trip. Our trips are not one size fits all type, they are tailored to the skills and needs of each group on each trip.

We have a range of trips we run on a regular basis and each trip can be modified from mild to wild. We also offer some pet friendly trips so your whole family can enjoy the Aussie Bush. We offer two styles of trips, passenger style and Tag-Along style touring.


With our passenger style trips we pick you up from your hotel or home (for sydney based guests) in our 200 series Landcruiser and head out from there. Day trips include morning and afternoon tea, coffee, tea and cold water. The weekend and extended trips include most meals, Tent, airbed, and bedding.


The Tag-Along tours are guided tours in your own vehicle. Tag-Along tours are a great way to see Australia and provide security in being in a group and not out on your own, not to mention comfort as you are in your own vehicle and capable of taking all of your mod con`s should you wish. Tag-along tours also offer the benefit of being able to travel when you want with the support of our lead vehicle. You don’t have to rely or restrict yourself to friends or groups plans or itinerary’s that may not suit the experience you want to have.  You also don’t have to invest in expensive recovery and communications equipment.

All of our tours provide a safe experience every time as we provide the below with every trip:-

  • Qualified First Aider and First Aid kit.

  • Recovery gear inc Winch, straps, pulleys etc

  • Satellite Communications (Sat Phone)

  • Inter car Communications (UHF)

  • 4wding tips and techniques during the trip.

  • Basic vehicle repair tools.


Our Tours provide you with a relaxed hassle free Holiday as we take care of all of the behind the scenes planning required, especially for the big trips. Any trip with Southern Cross 4WD Safaris comes complete with everything organized for you, including:-

  • All camping fees.

  • Permits and access arrangements.

  • Ferry or Barge fees.

  • Monitoring of road and weather conditions up to and during each trip. Trip departure dates and routes on some trips are Weather dependent.

  • Detailed Route planning and itinerary.

Our tours are conducted in a relaxed, friendly and unhurried manner as we aim to provide you with an enjoyable Holiday. We are not a commercial Juggernaut driven only by time and money. Our tours can be tailored to suit the participants particular requests and any individual limitations. We are an Australian Family owned and operated company and we look forward to hearing from you. Please explore our site and tours and if you have any questions please let us know. Also if there are any destinations you would like to visit that we have not covered, let us know and we would be happy to look a providing one.